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XML, RDF, Data Mapping, Reference Management, Metadata, Ontologies, Creation of multimedia resources, Data Management, Team working, Open Data


Wordpress, Linux, Wireframing, Sketching, GANTT & Project Planning, Windows


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Project management, Maps & Context, MS Office, Presentation, Public speaking, Social networks


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Postdoc @ University of Geneve - Digital Humanities
01/02/2021 — Present

Research over the circulation of artworks across time and space.
Using ontologies to integrate visual similarities in knowledge graph.
Analysis of the constituents of the concept of style and how it is built and develop.
Teaching "Knowledge Representation" and for Humanities and Bias in Digital Collection.

Research Fellow @ University of Zurich - Institute of Art History // SARI project
01/07/2018 — 31/12/2020

Solution engineering of a graph application for the integration, creation, exchange and layering of diverse distributed reference resources. Creation of framework for identity disambugiation.
Matching of complex ontological patterns, data transformation and modelling of art historical and scholarly data.

Digital Humanities Fellow @ Harvard University - The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies
01/02/2018 — 30/06/2018

Semiotic and philosophical analysis of the classification of an entity in the perceptual process. Examination, re-modelling and integration with other datasets of the Photographal Archive resources.
Re-composition and modelling of the data about the correspondance of Jacob Burckhardt. Documentation of and sharing ontological patterns for the description of heritage resource.

Marie Curie Fellow @ CNRS - MAP-Gasmau Lab
01/06/2014 — 31/05/2017

Create a framework for the description of tangible and intangible cultural objects. Develop an ontology for adding information about the symbolic meaning of cultural objects and phenomena.
Define a data model for recording provenance information for 3D Objects. Responsible for the alignment and implementation of diverse SKOS vocabularies.

Data Curation and Modeling @ Informatica Trentina - Open Data Project
01/11/2013 — 31/05/2014

Development a bottom-up ontology for describing public data. Data cleaning, refinment mapping and enrichment
In charge, from a technical standpoint, of the release of the data. Responsible for developing guidelines for the providers.
Coordinating the information architecture of of the catalog & collaborating in the EU FP7 Fusepool project.

Internship @ Digital Humanities Lab - CVCE
15/10/2012 — 15/12/2012

Developing an entity-relationship model for the European FP7 project CUbRIK.
Creating guidelines and workflows for the model.
Defining the rules of an authority file for non-authors (EU politicians)


PhD @ National Technical University of Athens
Rural and Surveying Engineering - Department of Topography
06/2014 - 07/2020

Creating a semantic framework for recording, enriching and retrieving descriptive and contextual elements in visual items.

International EU MA in Digital Library Learning @ DILL Consortium
Oslo and Akershus University College - University of Parma - Tallinn University
08/2011 - 09/2013

Development of several competencies regarding the management, the analysis, the UX, and the preservation of of digital resources. Focus on data (RDF, SKOS, ontologies, metadata, thesauri), management (project planning) and users (usability study, user experience).

Bachelor Degree in Cultural Heritage @ University of Pisa
Information Science Curriculum
10/2007 - 09/2010

Emphasis on both Humanities (literature, art, history, philology, linguistic) and library subject (textual bibliography, print history, information science).

Short Bio

Nicola Carboni is a Postdoctoral research within the Visual Contagions project and Lecturer at the University of Geneva, where he teach Digital Image, Digital Art History and Knowledge Graph.
Previously Fellow at the Swiss Art Research Infrastructure - University of Zurich, Digital Humanities Fellow at Villa I Tatti and Marie Curie Fellow at CNRS MAP.
He works on the intersection between knowledge graph, big visual data and cultural interpretation.

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